Thursday, November 17, 2005

Ralph Kramden Haunting Republicans?

Have the Republicans come down with a case of The Kramdens?

If so, what can Democrats do about that?

A few days ago we wrote about the GOP's odd new defense of Bush's reasons for the Iraq war.

A few questions and notes:

1.) Why would Republicans try to boost Bush's credibility, by associating Bush's
Iraq related arguments with the previous statements and arguments of Bill Clinton? Republicans think Clinton was dishonest.

2.) Why try to divert accountability? Just because Republicans hated Truman does not mean Republicans need to think Truman was wrong when he said, "the buck stops here."

3.) Since it's well know what Republicans think of Clinton, when they cite Clinton's word to defend Bush's policy, they are saying, in effect, their older criticism of Clinton, were disingenuous.

4.) Or else, Republicans are implicitly admitting that "Bush's word" now, is as bad as "Clinton's word" was then.

5.) What part of the 1998 Iraq Liberation Act, signed by Clinton in the wake of his Lewinsky woes, mandated an American invasion of Iraq by Bush? What part mandated hundred of billions of dollars spent for who knows what?

6.) Republicans are now saying, by implication, that Clinton's statements about Iraq, made while Clinton was in office and under immense political pressure, are to be trusted. From that, it follows Republicans would think Clinton is even more trustworthy now, since he out of office and under far less pressure.

7.) "Ugh oh," is what the Republicans will have to say after reading Clinton now says invading Iraq was a "big mistake." GOP citing Clinton in defense, are now exposed to Clinton's offense. Clinton's GOP credibility boost is fungible.

8.) "Hum an ah, hum an ah, hum an ah," was what Ralph Kramden of the Honeymooner's used to mutter when he was caught saying something foolish or wrong.

9.) "Hum an ah, hum an ah, hum an ah," is how the Bush defenders, who have been citing Clinton, will reply to the link in number seven if they are honest.

10.) "Hey hey Ralphy boy," is what Democrats should say, as if channeling "Norton" (Art Carney), the next time they hear Republicans defend Bush, by citing Clinton.


At 6:08 AM, Blogger John said...

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At 10:44 AM, Blogger Gothamimage said...

Hey hey Ralphy boy.

At 11:29 AM, Blogger John said...

I'M NOT CITING CLINTON AS A SUPPORT FOR BUSH. I'm citing Clinton to discredit the credibility and integrity of the Pro-Clinton but Anti-Bush war-critics. That's it. And that's a pow, zoom, and to the moon.

At 1:35 AM, Blogger Gothamimage said...

Hey Hey Ralphy boy!

Pity sweet Selene, the moon
Returns to earth each night
She, The Moon, saught Gothamimage
Gothamimage the blogger
As he guarded his blog
Blessed is he
To be watched be her
So sad for her
That she must watch
But not be seen
While Gothamimage sleeps
Nearby Latmus.

Alas, John this blog holds no brief for the Clintonians war partisans.

Nevetheless, you must credit the Clintonians. Bush told journalists before he was Presidents (like M. Herskowitz) that he had to be a war president, if he wanted to be a good Prez. So this forced him to act in way impicitly that endorsed past Clinton moves and statements, so he could engage in willing what the Clintonians did , in the Balkans, more reluctantly.

Did you see Holbrooke on TV tonight? He wished Clinton was far swifter in the Balkans and Bush was less rash in Iraq.

Hobrooke noted that the casualty rate in Iraq now exceeds Vietnam from the comparable time period, when he was there.

We do not agree with you guys or the Holbrook crowd, but Selene is inviting we up to watch you guys box on BlogSPN.


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