Thursday, November 17, 2005

Eyes On Cheney Eyes As Fitz Eyes Cheney

Read this recent update.

Imagine what Cheney is thinking.

What do you see in his eyes?

Those are not your grandmother's carbuncles.

"... the timing [of events outlined] suggests an attempt to obscure
Cheney's role, and possibly his legal culpability. The vice president is shown
by the indictment to be aware of and interested in Plame and her CIA status
long before her cover was blown."

Have some empathy. Your eyes would be in bad shape too, if you were implicated in this leak investigation.

Fitzgerald is not a good adversary for Cheney. Neither is Jack Mutha, for that matter. The character contrasts are too stark.

Incidentally, did you notice Cheney's eyes becoming carbuncular* only after his foul mouth tirade in front of some Senators a couple of years ago? Maybe political infection?

Fitzgerald's press conference now looks like it was Cheney's sixth deferment.

The first five deferments saved Cheney from going to Vietnam.

The sixth 'deferment' has saved him from being indicted - - for the time being.

As the article continues:

"Even some White House aides privately wonder whether
Libby was seeking to protect Cheney from political embarrassment.
One of them noted with resignation,
"Obviously, the indictment speaks for itself."

Deferment or not, it's still possible Cheney will be indicted

Tom DeFrank of the Daily New, now says Cheney's relationship with the President has cooled.

Without Bush's solid support and public opinion, Cheney's power continues to erode and his political exposure expands. Without power, what does he have? Character?

Ask not for whom the chickenhawk cackles.

Do ask those on the receiving end of these allegations -not just Plame's contacts, but Plame herself and her associates, along with related parties.

Recall those eyes. Now, notice the projection of Cheney's conscious or subconscious feelings.

Thanks to his government rolodex, Cheney was once made the CEO of Halliburton. Cheney's record as a CEO was judged weak due to poor asbestos-related acquisitions. He managed to make money for himself though.

Bush may have saved "big time" big time when he made him VP. If not for Iraq and Afghanistan, Halliburton may have faced big unprofitable trouble from "big time's" days.

Now Cheney has to worry about being implicated by Rove, Libby, or others. It looks like a number of folks may have committed crimes, in response to Joe Wilson's politics. Did the Bush admin. criminalize politics?

Cheney is in trouble, not just because of what he told Libby, as noted in the investigation, but because of the resulting damage likely done to Plame, her colleagues, and her covert contacts.

Even if Cheney escapes indictment, like he escaped Vietnam, the consequence of Plamegate and the Iraq War will weigh on his conscious.Can you see it in his eyes yet?

If eyes are the windows into the soul, then Cheney watchers should consider this:

... And thus o'er-sized with coagulate gore,
With eyes like carbuncles, the hellish Pyrrhus (Cheney?)
Old grandsire Priam seeks.

...Striking too short at Greeks ("Plot Against Wilson"?) ;
his antique sword (I. Lewis Libby?) , Rebellious to his arm, lies where it falls ("Grand Jury"?),
Repugnant to command: unequal match'd, Pyrrhus at Priam drives;
in rage strikes wide (Compromise Plame's status and contacts?);

...So, as a painted tyrant, Pyrrhus stood, And like a neutral to his will and matter, Did nothing.
But, as we often see, against some storm, A silence in the heavens, the rack stand still,
he bold winds speechless and the orb below As hush as death, anon the dreadful thunder
Doth rend the region, so, after Pyrrhus' pause, (Cheney now trying to smear war criitcs?)
Aroused vengeance sets him new a-work (post Libby's plea or trial? further Indictments?)

Selective parallels? Secret parts of mis - fortune - from Hamlet's discussion with an actor?

Update: Cheneymammon gets sloppy.

*Note - Another possibility - The redness and inflammation are just illusions due to poor photo editing and/or Cheney's reaction to flashbulbs, not boils.

We are not eye specialists, nor are we professional photographers, so we'll refrain from making a definitive judgement as to why they are the way they are.


At 7:02 AM, Blogger Crazy Politico said...

Your "recent" update is nearly a week old, since then Woodward has come out, and already made it known Cheney, Rove, and Libby weren't his sources, moving all of them farther from the crime that wasn't a crime.

At 1:52 AM, Blogger Gothamimage said...

CP - Thanks for the comment.

Sorry about the delay, we're somewhat backlogged with this new comment feature and future posts.

If you are right, then you may want to read this more "recent" update in WaPo (Sat 11-19-05):

"""In anticipation of a lengthy and expensive court fight, a number of Republican former senators, former ambassadors and fundraisers are planning to raise $250,000 each and a total of $5 million for Libby's legal fund, according to people familiar with the plan. In a private conversation earlier this week, Republicans such as former ambassadors Melvin Sembler and Howard Leach promised to raise at least $250,000. Former senators Fred D. Thompson (Tenn.) and Alan K. Simpson (Wyo.) and former congressman Bill Paxon (R-N.Y.) are also part of the fundraising campaign, the sources said.

"Good lawyers are expensive," said Barbara Comstock, a spokeswoman for the Libby legal team. A few Democrats, including R. James Woolsey, a former CIA director, are also involved.""


Now - that's a lot of money for Libby, a wealthy man in his own right.

The Woodward revelations, such as they are, are not helpfull to Libby in any way we can see.

If you can figure out how- then you deserve a cut of that fund.

Woodward has been covering Bush, as if Bush were some sort of pious version of Cicero. This may change, as this will very upset his access and undermine his creds with the Bush team that were so critical to his earlier books.

Woodward is not helped. Whether is is worse for him that for others, remains to be seen.

Ultimately, those of Plame's contacts who were compromised, are what this is all about.

They are the victims. The final determination of who the perps were is millions of dollars and a few years off.

Do you really think Libby told the complete truth and gave no false statements?

Do you really think Libby helped, rather than hindered, Fitzgerald and other investigators?

How does Woodward prove that?

Recall when Libby first appeared on the public stage?

That may foreshadow where this ends, if you *pardon* a pun.

At 4:16 PM, Blogger Stacy said...

Cheney is thinking "who can I get to take the fall for this" and "a pardon for my boy libby should take care of this...."

I know I am not exactly objective about this administration, but I honestly can't remember anyone in the White House that is as unethical, mean-spirited and hateful as Dick Cheney. The guy doesn't have a soul.

At 8:04 PM, Blogger paintergirl said...

Oh but Cheney is just a robot. Poor poor robot man.


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