Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Chalabi Baba And The Charlie Rose

Iraq has issues with Jordan, I don't have issues with Jordan.
~Ahmed Chalabi

Charlie didn't stand a chance.

After being critiqued for his underwhelming interview with the Mr. Sulzberger about the Judy Miller controversy, Charlie risked losing a bit more interviewing skilled Ahmed Chalabi last night.

His interview failed to ellicit much. It shows the limitations of the media elite. Maybe Charlie, like Bob Woodward, is too woven in with the powers that be. Maybe he cannot take risks like when young.

Charlie Rose deserves credit for trying. Chalabi gets credit for winning.

Chalabi is not just a sly Machiavel. He is obviously a genius. That is not a compliment. It is a description.

Is Chalabi a lying machine? Maybe that is the wrong question.

Who are the believing machines? Why do they believe? Do they believe or just pretend? These are the correct questions.

Chalabi's loyalty is to his cause, whether it be Iraq or Chalabi or a bit of both. His loyalty is not to the U.S. Constitution. Chalabi never swore an oath, unlike our elected officials. Chalabi's principle loyalty is not with America.

Why would anyone expect otherwise? He is not an American. He is and Iraqi Shiite.

Critics of Bush waste time being outraged at Chalabi's for his alleged deceptions. Deception is the fundamental principle of all war. If there is a war, then there is deception.

One things that really puzzles is when you hear fans of Bush say "we are at war," and then say, "there is not deception." If that were true, it would a first in history.

The real question: Are the deceptions aimed at the foreign enemy or at a domestic audience. What are the deceptions and why? Who believes them? Why?

If someone says there is no deception, they are either stupid or they are lying. If there is no deception, then there is no war. Since we know there is a war we know there is deception.

It is those who chose to believe Chalabi that matter. They are our elected officials. Do not be distracted.

Sometimes beating around the Bush sometimes beats talking about Bush.

Some questions:

If you were Chalabi, would you have lied? If you were Bush, would you believe him? If you were Cheney, would you believe? If you were a parent of fallen soldier, who would you blame? Why? If you were the beneficiary of the war, who would you give credit to? If Chalabi was lying and Bush and Cheney really believed him, then what?


At 8:11 AM, Blogger John said...

And Jordan. Chalabi strikes me as being a very sneaky man, a simpering, ingratiating weasel.

Y tu? Can we agree on that?

At 6:00 AM, Blogger John said...

Although I trust his Western credentials.

At 9:41 AM, Blogger enigma4ever said...

Lies oooze out Chalabi like that toothpaste tube I stepped on in Bathroom floor, and once he starts he can not stop. And I saw part of this interview..sad really. And he only does things to better his path- period. If I was sitting next to him at a State Dinner I would be counting the silverware...There is nothing about him worth trusting...nothing...and the rest of your questions the answers are too painful...let's get the troops


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