Sunday, October 23, 2005

What Will Fitzgerald Call?

Fitzgerald huddles with his prosecutors.

He calls a play, and the team heads to line of scrimage.

"Neocon 23, Neocon 23, Red State Blues,, Indict One, Indict Two, Hut, Hut!"

The ball snaps, Fitzgerald fakes a handoff and head back to pass.

The field is clear, hard hitting strong safety Rove, normally harassing truth receivers, is out

of the game. Hadley's got a bad back. Wurmser's under the weather.

Linebacker Hannah has shin splints.

Fitzgerald throws a direct statutory pass right at the "black letter" of the law.

Grand Jury Foreman catches the pass and runs for the endzone.

On the second yard line, he is tackled.

"Time Out," calls Libby's attorney - he wants to confer

Defensive co-ordinators scan the sidelines. Luskin and Bennet survey the field.....

Abby Lowell is called down from the booth...


At 4:49 PM, Blogger paintergirl said...

You are such a clever one. Hey-you made me laugh with the football analogy. (a sports fan, hmmmm...)


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